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The Alchemist, or Spinning Shit into Gold – Ten Directions 
A bouffon act. Graspy McTakeItAll finds a book of Alchemy and discovers how the value of gold—and shit—is determined.
Written and directed by Lynn Berg and Audrey Crabtree.  With Audrey Crabtree.

The Art of Getting Money, by PT Barnum – Trav SD
Barnum explains his theories on entrepreneurship.
Directed by Carolyn Raship, with Trav SD


Adam Smith and Wonder Bread – Russ Roberts
Economist Russ Roberts plays Adam Smith, who finds wonder in the way the invisible hand kneads 21st century bread.


Dead Cat Bounce – Patrice Miller
A dance to the jargon of 2008 collapse
With Laura Hartle, Stephanie Willing, and Dina Rose Rivera.


The Fed – Steve Zimmer
Storyteller and former economist Steve Zimmer provides story about the Fed


Free Dance – Jody Oberfelder
An interactive dance about the nature of free


The God Projekt: Tithing – Lone Wolf Tribe 
A puppet play dealing with the idea of religious tithing
Written and directed by Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn
(a satellite scene of the larger show, The God Projekt)
With Kevin Augustine, Edward Einhorn, Charlie Kanev, & Dorothy Loechel, Voice: Jason Harris


Greenspan, the Antique Man – Michael Fanelli
Alan Greenspan defines the difference between money and worth
Directed by Eric Oleson


I’m Bullish – Jonathon Roberts and Emily Clare Zempel
Tap dancing production number about stock market theory.
With Jennifer Harder, Joey Revier


Journey to Yap – Edward Einhorn and Chris Chappell
An interactive audio drama about a journey to a place where stones are money
Sound: Chris Chappell, Voice: Ian W. Hill


Laffer’s Last Laugh - Dave Hanson
The Amazing Laffer, economist extraordinaire, explains trickle down.
With Fred Backus


Layaway - Trica Milnamow
Tricia Milnamow, storyteller, recounts her experiences with layaways


The Lebanon Story – Ken Monahan
A personal story about an economic deal in Lebanon


Letters to Engels – Avner Finberg & Edward Einhorn
A short solo opera. Marx sings three of his letters to Engels.
With Jonathan Kline, Maria Dessena (piano)


Love und Greed (An Economic Collapse Cabaret) – Mad Jenny und Ensemble
An international array of songs written in difficult financial times
With Jenny Lee Mitchell, Ric Becker (trombone), Maria Dessena (piano), Marty Isenberg (bass)


Magic act – Magic  Brian
A five card monte, of sorts, frameworked by questions about gambling and the stock market


Meat Market - Tatiana Baccari, Hannah Allen
A dance theater examination of commoditization, competition, desire, manipulation, and the female body.
With Tessa Allen and Tatiana Baccari 

The Money Atheist – Edward Einhorn
Monologue on the origin of money, in a futuristic world of the Money Church.
With Moira Stone


Rational Choice – Mac Rogers
A monologue from Mac Rogers about a financial/romantic interaction, looking at how human emotions can hide behind the façade of numbers.
Directed by Patrice Miller, with Melissa Roth


Tragedy of the Commons – Ted Malawer
A sketch about a retirement home in Miami, Sheryl Crow, and the economic theories of Garett Hardin and Elinor Ostrom
Directed by Stephen Sposito, With Nic Cory, Liz Kimball,
 Jenny Rachel Wiener


Ultimate Stimulus – Felipe Ossa
A satirical talk by renegade economist Amanda McCloud, who advocates concubinage as a solution to economic inequality.
Directed by Daniela Hart,


The Wizard of Ounces – Evolve Company
A toy theater puppet piece about the gold standard and the Wizard of Oz
Directed and performed by Tanya Khordoc & Barry Weil