by Richard Foreman
directed by Edward Einhorn

Category One: A play with an actors, but no audience
Category Two: A play with an audience, but no actors
Category Three: A play in which the audience is the actors


Various performance times and locations, from 1998 on. 


I hate to break the illusion of having gone rogue with this play, but after a review in the Village Voice took seriously the idea that I had been given a "cease and desist" order, I just have to clarify: I do start the play by saying "Richard Foreman banned me from doing his work anymore, so now I'm going to do whatever the Hell I want with this production." But it's a joke. Richard has seen the script of everything I say, was amused by it, and gave me the OK to do the play the way I have done it. We remain friendly, and any real controversy is manufactured (by me, in great part, I must admit, as a way of framing the work). Richard and I have had disagreements about art, and that is partially what my interpretation of LAVA focuses on, but they have been friendly, not contentious.

Now I will return you back to the illusion of theater...