Golem Stories

Golem Image

by Edward Einhorn

directed by Glory Sims Bowen

In Conjunction with FHB Theater Productions

Part of Spotlight On's Halloween Festival
October 2004
At Chashama, 121 West 42 Street

Winner of Best Play in festival (Playwright's Award)


Joseph/Golem: Chris Rummel
Rivka: Morgan Dover-Pearl
Rebbetsin: Lela Frechette 
Maharal: Jerry Mond
Devorah: Diana Cherkas
King Rudolf: Harry Klein
Moshe: Maxwell Zener
Thaddeus: Michael Whitney
Puppeteers: Cristopher Betz, Talaura Harms, Molly Light, Elizabeth Anne Wood 


Playwright: Edward Einhorn
Director: Glory Sims Bowen
Original Music: William Niederkorn
Assistant Director: Caroline M. Costa
Stage Manager: Renee Hollenback
Assistant: Jennifer Spinello
Lighting Design: Aaron Mason
Scenic Design: Cemre Durusoy
Assistant Scenic Design: Susan Pislak
Costume Design: Kathleen Leary
Puppet Design: Berit Johnson
Sound Design: Christopher Brooks

Set in 16th century Prague, the play not only examines the legend of the golem (a man made from clay) but also other Jewish legends of the supernatural. It is both a ghost story and a love story, set in the domestic atmosphere of the Rabbi's home, while the world around is full of violence.Golem Stories features historical figures Rabbi Loew, an important scholar of Jewish law and the Kabbalah, and King Rudolf II, the highly unusual King of Bohemia best known for his obsessions with alchemy. It focuses even more on the women of Rabbi Loew's household-his wife and two daughters. In the center of it all, of course, is the golem, who is not the lumbering monster everyone, including the Rabbi, expects him to be.