A Shylock

By Edward Einhorn
Directed by Edward Einhorn
Produced by David A. Einhorn

Jacob: John Blaylock
Launcelot: Peter Brown
Hamlet: Catherine Dunning
Tubal: Martin Epstein
Portia: Dina Ipavic
Shylock: Daniel Leventritt
Antonio: Wesley Stevens
Jessica: Deborah Vaughan

The responsibilities for the rest of the ensemble was shared by the whole cast

To find the title character of A Shylock, Jacob Levy interrogates every character in The Merchant of Venice, but oddly Hamlet may know the most-although this Hamlet is a woman.  Each scene represents a different interpretation of the character, from Communist to Freudian to tragic to comic.

Artwork by R. Keith Rugg 

Presented at Theater 22 in New York City, in Feburary 1996.