The Dig: Death, Genesis & the Double Helix

by Stacie Chaiken
What’s the Story?, Los Angeles
at Theater Three
311 W. 43rd St., 3rd Floor


Wed 6/3 @7pm, Fri 6/5 @10:30, Mon 6/8 @10:00, Thu 6/11 @3:00

Tickets: $18


An American archaeologist is summoned to a dig in the ancient Arab-Hebrew town of Jaffa. They've found something big—something that could change everything—and she's the only one who can tell them what it is. And her mother just died. And there's a lizard in her bathtub.  The Middle East. Matriarchs. Cruelty. It's a comedy.

Company bio: What's the Story? was founded in 2001 as a workshop for writers and performers who are struggling with personal story for the stage, the page and the screen. The workshop produces a biennial festival of new solo plays, regular public showings of works-in-progress. As of April 2009, What's the Story? is in residence at the Odyssey Theatre is Los Angeles.