Scenes From a Misunderstanding

Scenes from a Misunderstanding

by Carey Harrison
directed by Henry Akona
at Theater Three

costume design by Carla Gant
lighting design by Jeff Nash

Kris Lundberg*, Mick O'Brien*, and Eric Oleson

Sun 5/24 @3:00, Wed 5/27 @7:00, Thu 5/28 @7:00, Sat 5/30 @8:30, Thu 6/4 @9:00, Sun 6/7 @3:00, Wed 6/10 @ 8:00, Sat 6/13 @10:30

The simmering differences between two professors come to a head: has one of them delayed replying to a letter on the subject of religion, or did the original letter-writer delay posting it? What would such delays signify? From humble beginnings, titanic quarrels are born - especially when the aggravated parties are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

A one-act to be performed with Most Radiant Beauty

"But Carey Harrison's script is more than just a high concept comedy...Henry Akona's staging is light, deft, and appropriate, and the performances of Mick O'Brien as Jung, Eric Oleson as Freud, and Kris Lundberg as both of their maids are delightful." -