Drs. Jane Kiss

Drs Jane CDE


Doctors Jane & Alexander


written and directed by Edward Einhorn
Music by Alexander S. Wiener and Henry Akona
Untitled Theater Co. #61, New York
at Theater Three

costume design by Carla Gant
lighting design by Jeff Nash

with: Timothy Babcock*, Peter Bean*, Talaura Harms*, Jason Liebman*, Josh Mertz, Phoebe Silva*, Alyssa Simon*, and Mawell Zener* on May 23


Sat 5/23 @6:00, Mon 5/25 @7:30, Thu May 28@9:00, Sun 5/31@5:00, Sat 6/6 @8:30, Sun 6/7 @7:30, Mon 6/8 @7:30, Fri 6/12 @9:00, Sat 6/13 @6:00, Sun 6/14 @1:00

Using found, fabricated, and occasionally finagled text, the playwright explores the life of his grandfather Alexander S. Wiener, the co-discoverer of the Rh factor in blood, through interviews with his mother, a psychologist who recently retired due to a debilitating stroke. An examination of art, science, ambition, and achievement, told with humor and song.

"Einhorn has packed many other notions into this often whimsical and just as often serious play...a raw, intimate, and ultimately quite moving portrait of how a playwright shapes and molds his characters to come up with something original and his own. Firmly in the center of things is Alyssa Simon in a brilliant performance as Jane."

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