Celebrating the life and art of Václav Havel
New York City, October through December 2006

Timeline: The Presidency and beyond, 1990 – 2006

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The Velvet Revolution

Havel assumes the Presidency. He releases all political prisoners and closes down the arms factory. In the June elections, he is elected by a landslide.Havel’s plays, most never seen in Czechoslovakia, appear in theaters throughout Prague.
Slovakia presses for independence. Havel opposes the split and resigns.

Summer Mediations, a book of Havel’s thoughts about politics and morality, is released.

Czechoslovakia splits into the Czech and Slovak Republics, in what is called the Velvet Divorce. Havel is elected the first President of the Czech Republic.
Havel’s wife, Olga, dies of cancer. Havel himself has an extended bout with lung cancer, from which he eventually recovers.
Havel marries Dagmar Veskernova, an actress who has helped to nurse him back to health.
Havel is re-elected president. Havel becomes ill from a ruptured intestine, but recovers.
Havel steps down from the Presidency. A major political rival, Václav Klaus, is elected in his stead.
Havel releases the book Prosim Strucne (Briefly, Please) in the Czech Republic, a collection of essays and further conversations with Karel Hvizdala, who collaborated with Havel on Disturbing the Peace.

The Havel Festival, a festival of all of Havel’s plays, celebrates his 70th birthday in New York.

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The Velvet Revolution

Václav Havel. Photo by Alan Pajer.

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