Celebrating the life and art of Václav Havel
New York City, October through December 2006


Feature articles

Eric Grode has a wonderful and very in-depth piece, The Playwright President, in the New York Sun.

Randy Gener of Time Out New York previews the festival in Bounced Czech.

The Village Voice has an article about Havel and his relationship with New York City in Foreign Intelligence by Andy Propst.

International Heral Tribune has an article about Havel, his thoughts about the festival, and his new book Havel rekindles his artistic side by Julie Bosman.

Michael Criscuolo of NYTheatre.com sat down for a podcast interview with with Edward Einhorn, Henry Akona and Ian W. Hill.

Radio Prague has an interview with Edward Einhorn: Havel takes New York by storm by Rob Cameron.

nytheatre.com has reviews of all the plays in the festival.

American Theater features a wrap up and review of the festival in its February 2007 issue (not available online): Havel, all at once by Gwen Orel.

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