Celebrating the life and art of Václav Havel
New York City, October through December 2006

Plays at the Brick Theater

An Evening With the Family
The English language premiere translated by Carol Rocamora and Tomas Rychetsky

Havel’s first solo effort at playwriting, it demonstrates the banalities of life in a typical Czech family, despite the government’s attempts to obliterate the bourgeois lifestyle.

The Garden Party
A new translation by Jan Novák

Hugo is a young man who does nothing but play chess with himself. Sent by his father to an office garden party, he joins the Liquidation Office. Soon Hugo is playing chess with himself again, but on a governmental level. This was Havel’s first full length play, which established him in 1963 as an important young playwright. This play was previously translated in English as The Garden Party.

Guardian Angel
Translated by Paul Wilson

Originally a radio drama, this play tells of a writer who receives a knock on the door from a mysterious but oddly sinister man who wants to show him a nuclear hair polishing kit.

In a new traslation by Carol Rocamora and Tomas Rychetsky

A short little piece about a silent man, just arrived in prison, and his very verbal cell mates, who are eager to tell him the new rules.

Mountain Hotel
The English language premiere, translated by Jitka Martin

Set in a Checkhovian countryside, the residents of a hotel sit and leisurely talk about almost nothing. One is having an affair, the other is desperately in love, and the people who run the hotel appear every once in a while and issue senseless edicts. The characters go round and round, repeating themselves in different ways as their identity slowly gets lost.

Translated by Marie Winn

Dr. Foustka, a respected scientist, tries to contact the devil, despite strict government regulations to the contrary. His is contacted by Fistula, an unkempt man who smells like cheese. Fistula claims to be able to fulfill Faustka’s every desire, but he may possibly just be a man with a unfortunate foot infection.

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