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The Dance

by Richard Foreman

Directed by "Edward 'The show must and will go on' Einhorn" (Backstage, August 13, 1999)

Produced by UTC61 and Todo Con Nada as part of the Foreman Festival

Edward Einhorn
Christopher Roberts
Carol & Maurice
Alison Brody (Tap)
Meg Brooker (Ballet)
Christina Nicosia (Arabic)
Marian Sarach (Ballroom)

Costumes by Asiel Kneeland
Sound by John Hudak and Edward Einhorn
Table Construction by Hal Lubash

Presented at The Piano Store in New York City, in July & August 1999.

"The Dance has...a jaunty innocence and theatricality which Einhorn and his band of actors and dancers surefootedly exploit."

The Village Voice July 27, 1999

"Edward Einhorn brings a sparkling enthusiasm to...The Dance"

In Theater August 16-23, 1999

"Interesting, hypnotic...Christopher Roberts offers an understated, yet pleasingly mercurial performance."

Backstage August 13, 1999

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