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Unauthorized Magic in Oz



"...exquisitely ingenious...truly enchanting"
The New York Times

Written and directed by Edward Einhorn
Produced by David A. Einhorn
Original art by Eric Shanower
Music composed by William Sullivan Niederkorn
Puppets and set by Berit Johnson and Barry Weil
Lights by Alex Senchak
Wood working by Art Wallace

Performed by Edward Einhorn, Talaura Harms, Tanya Khordoc and Maxwell Zener
Sound/additional puppetry by Amy Kaskeski

Edward Einhorn takes his Oz novels and brings them to the world of puppetry! Using toy theater, shadow puppetry, banraku techniques, and many more surprises, Untitled Theater Co. #61 takes a story about Oz and brings it to the stage. Buddy, a small boy, has a mother who like to perform sorecery and a good friend who's a magician. But Glinda won't be happy when she finds out they are defying Oz law to do so. See the Living House, a two and a half foot tall puppet filled with characters in its windows! See Dr. Majestico attempt to destroy his own home! See Glinda, Omby Amby, Tempus the Parrot-Ox, and many more! Puppet makers Berit Johnson (Fairy Tales of the Absurd) and Barry Weil adapt Eric Shanower's art to make it all come to life. William Niederkorn ( Lysistrata, Fairy Tales of the Absurd, Golem Stories) adds his original, signature music, and Talaura Harms, Tanya Khordoc, Maxwell Zener and Edward Einhorn combine to perform it.

Produced in association with The Looking Glass Theatre

at The Looking Glass Theatre
422 W. 57th St (between 9th & 10th Ave.)
Saturdays at 11am
October 15 - November 19

Tickets at TheaterMania!
Call 212-351-3101, 1-866-811-411,
or buy tickets online

Performing with UNAUTHORIZED MAGIC IN OZ, Evolve Company presents:

EVOLUTION, directed, produced and designed by Barry Weil & Tanya Khordoc, is a gentle, comic fable about friendship. Two amoebas split from a single cell and evolve together into fish, dinosaurs, monkeys, humans, and everything in between. Their relationship evolves as well, from confusion, to conflict, into the kind of comfort only a lifelong friend can provide. The piece features a brightly colored cast of large, soft puppets, manipulated by fully visible puppeteers on a whimsical tabletop set. EVOLUTION premiered at HERE and went on to be performed at the Puppeteers of America National Festival. It is performed by Tanya Khordoc, Barry Weil and Amy Kaskeski.

UNAUTHORIZED MAGIC IN OZ was originally performed at St. Ann's Warehouse
June 16 & 17, 2005

38 Water St.
in DUMBO, Brooklyn

as part of Great Small Works' Toy Theater Festival

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