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Untitled Theater's 24/7 Festival

A week-long festival of one act plays, all created in a day!

Click here for a day by day schedule of writers, directors and actors!

Untitled Theater's 24/7 Festival consists of a week straight of plays created in a day! The writers start writing at 10pm the night before, and rehearsals begin at 9am of that day. Each day has a theme, and they are all part of Untitled Theater Company #61's mission to present a modern theater of the absurd.

Some useful definitions: "Found Text" plays are comprised in whole or in large part from existing text. "Transvestite Melodramas" deal with the theme of one gender interpreting another. The "Mini-NeuroFest" features neurological conditions, from aphasia to savantism to Tourette's Syndrome -- many of the topics that one might see in a book by Oliver Sacks. And the "Protest Plays" will follow in the political protest tradition of Brecht, Havel, and even Michael Moore. A full schedule is listed below:


MONDAY, MARCH 14: Jewish Legends
TUESDAY, MARCH 15: Found Text Plays
THURSDAY, MARCH 17: Transvestite Melodrama Plays
FRIDAY, MARCH 18: Mini-NeuroFest (a preview of next year's NeuroFest)
SATURDAY, MARCH 19: Protest Plays
SUNDAY, MARCH 20: Seven-Minute Fairy Tales Matinee (appropriate for children and adults)

Performances at Tada! Theater
March 14-20, 2005

Monday - Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm
15 W. 28th St., between Broadway and 5th Ave.
Take the 1, 9, N, R trains to 28th Street

212-352-3101 or 1-866-811-4111
or buy from online from TheaterMania

Artistic Director: Edward Einhorn
Producing Director: David A. Einhorn
Dramaturg: Karen Ott
Venue Director: Berit Johnson
Production Manager: Courtney Sweeting
Set Designer: Alex Senchek
Lighting Designer: Kevin Hardy
Graphic Design: Kenneth Nowell
Publicity: Pat Addiss
ASMs: Annie Coburn, Andi Cohen, Jodi Katz, Stephanie Harmelin

The production is indepedent of both the Tada Theater Company and the 24 Hour Plays